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II Timothy 2:15

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Dealing With Friendly Fire

When David was a young man he had great faith in God to protect and deliver him. When Goliath came along, everyone said that he was too big and couldn’t be defeated, but David said “who is this Philistine that he should defy the armies of the living God?“. He knew that God was bigger and would defeat this giant. You’d think that faith like this would have been met with encouragement by his own people. Unfortunately, scripture says:

When Eliab, David’s oldest brother, heard him speaking with the men, he burned with anger at him and asked, “Why have you come down here? And with whom did you leave those few sheep in the wilderness? I know how conceited you are and how wicked your heart is; you came down only to watch the battle.” “Now what have I done?” said David. “Can’t I even speak?

Often, the first giant that you must face, when you are trying to be obedient to God’s call in your life, is from those who should be supporting your step of faith. Don’t be distracted or waste time there. Move on to the real giant and don’t lose heart. God is still bigger.

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